ALL SERVICES. ONE PRICE. $15/month for unlimited oil changes & maintenance.
Auto Care Membership

Only $100 for

24/7 Roadside Assistance

*first 20 miles from Woodburn. $2/mile additional.
Tire Changes
Fuel Delivery
Now included with your Car Care Membership
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24/7 Roadside Dispatch

(971) 338-0409

We're there for you in the shop and on the road.

Woodburn Carcraft's Membership program now includes 24/7 roadside assistance.

Here are the details:

20 mile service area from Woodburn no charge. $2.00 per mile for additional mileage
Four service calls per year are included with Membership. Additional Membership roadside service calls available for $50 per call.
* Tire changes use your spare. * Fuel delivery limited to three gallons. * We can't make keys, only get you into your locked car.
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* For Roadside Assistance your Next Step Auto Care Membership account status must be paid to date.
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